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[ Top 10 ] Best IT Company in Nepal 2019 | Compare Today


10, 2019

[ Top 10 ] Best IT Company in Nepal 2019 | Compare Today

In this 21st century, Technology and Internet has made this world a global village. Back in days, the only way people run their business is through traditional approach: without online business presence. But the days are over and now many of the business run and flourish through online business websites, digital marketing and so on. Nepal also has taken a great step in Technologies.

The number of IT companies found in every corner of Nepal has been a living proof that Nepal has over 500+ IT companies in Nepal and more than 60% are in Kathmandu itself. Here are some of the Top 10 IT Companies in Nepal as of 2019.

Softbenz Infosys Pvt.Ltd


Location: Shankhamul, Kathamandu

Tel: 01-478665701-478665701-4786657

Service Offered: Website design, SEO, digital marketing,Web hosting,Graphic design 

Website: https://www.softbenz.com/



Location: Charkhal Rd, Kathmandu 44605

Tel: 01-4419766

Average Monthly Search: 880

Service Offered: Software Development

Website: https://www.lftechnology.com/

Verisk Nepal Pvt Ltd


Location: Hattisar Sadak 429, Kathmandu 44600

Tel: 01-4425600

Average Monthly Search: 110

Service Offered: Software Projects and Business Development

Website: http://verisknepal.com.np/

Braindigit Nepal


Location: 5th Floor, Shanta Plaza, Kalopul-Ratopul Rd, Kathmandu

Tel: 01-4441260

Average Monthly Search: 70

Service Offered: Ecommerce Website, Website Design, Web development

Website: https://www.braindigit.com



Location: Kathmandu 44600

Tel: 01-4485429

Average Monthly Search: 30

Service Offered: Web Services

Website: https://www.deerwalk.com/

Other IT company Includes: