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Free Domain Registration in Nepal: A Step-by-step Guide | Contact


19, 2019

Free Domain Registration in Nepal: A Step-by-step Guide | Contact

Free DomainRegistration in Nepal. Domain Registration can be done by easily in Nepal and to further inform you that (com.np) domain is completely free to register without any charges. Here in this blog, we are about to discuss a step by step guide to free domain registration in Nepal so that you could host your website.

Note: Domain name requires hosting sites so that your website can be up and running.

Step 1: Open any browser either in mobile devices or your Pc you are comfortable with.

Step 2: Then go through the mercantile website. You would find this landing page/homepage.

Step 3: For new User, Click on User Login and Create User to verify and access domain name later on.

Step 4: Fill out the form with your email address and password. Then sign in to your account. You would see the dashboard for registering domain.

Step 5: You could register for free domain by inserting the domain name that you wanted with .com.np TLD. Below you could find the domain name that you requested and is awaiting approval from mercantile. Active domain holds the domain name that you registered and is ready to host your website.

Step 6: In Active domain, you could edit information about website, Edit DNS (Domain Name Server) and view your website.

Step 7: Pick up a domain name that you want and is it is available you would be redirected to next page with Congratulations message.

Step 8: You would find 3 sections over here.

Name Server

Administrative Contact

Technical Contact


Step 9: Fill up the correct details on Administrative Contact and Technical Contact. As for name server, you need to specify name server of the hosting company that you want to use. For example: Hostgator, Scala hosting, 000webhost have their own hosting name server. You need to buy their hosting plan to insert in the name server.

Don’t want to spend money currently in the webhosting; you could simply enter a free name server of 000webhost.

For Primary Name Server: ns01.000webhost.com

For Secondary Name Server: ns02.000webhost.com


Remember that you could always change your hosting server afterwards if that is what you want. You can just change the change the name server. Easy as hell.

 Step 10: After completing the details click on save and continue. Now you should attach a cover letter requesting for the domain name that you wanted (doc file). Also you are obliged to submit the scan copy of your citizenship by merging front and back together.

Note: There’s limitation on the size of image that you could upload.

For cover Letter, Please follow the link.

 Step 11: Now just submit and you would find your domain awaiting approval. It may take more than 2 days to get the approval if all the details that you mentioned are correct. If there is any sort of problem, you could find a problem stating on the domain name request approval. Just fix if there is any error and within 1 week you could have your own domain name.