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Web Designer From Nepal with 7 key Job Responsibilities | Learn Now


19, 2019

Web Designer From Nepal with 7 key Job Responsibilities | Learn Now

Web designer helps to make your website a great user interface. Web designer’s work with developer closely, the teamwork makes perfect results. Web developer is responsible for back end development, but not limited to where as Web designer focus on the style and overall architecture of the page, using software like Photoshop to customize the website’s visual elements.  It is the designer’s job to review the needs of their client or the goals of their assigned project to design web pages that meet up with the requirements of the Clients. Web designer uses HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap. There are many web designers in Nepal as well as around the world. Every website development company in Nepal has hired UI or UX both designer for website design.  However, the work responsibilities of Web designers are still the same. Web designer should also be familiar with web design tools like:

           a. Adobe Photoshop

          b. Illustrator

          c. Dreamweaver

Web designers in Nepal are usually categorized in 3 aspects. But we could find many web design company seeking a single for Visual designer who oversees both the UX and UI design. Here are the list of web designer the IT Company hires most of the time.

          1. User Interface (UI) designer

          2.  User Experience (UX) designer

          3. Visual designer

     1. UI designer

 As the name suggests, UI designer are responsible for the look and feel of the website. They are the one that creates a prototype of the website using HTML, CSS, and JS and so on. UI designer also creates a responsive website so that the users across cross platform can navigate the Web Pages easily. As a whole, a UI designer converts complex brand ideas and values into a website that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.

   2. UX designer

The UX designer is responsible to create a visual appearance of the website to be developed. They research on the topics, creates a wireframe of the website to be developed and list out all the requirements of the clients in sticky notes. A UX web designer’s job is to keep your visitors hooked and are the reason the visitors visit your website again and again.

    3. Visual Designer

Visual designer are the combination of both UI and UX designer. They overlook both the visual aspects as well as the coding aspects of the website.

Difference between UI and UX designer [uxdesign.cc] 


Key Responsibilities of Web Designer in Nepal

Here is the list of key responsibilities of web designer in Nepal. Remember that the works of the web designer plays a crucial part in the website. Some responsibilities of Web designer includes:

Designing navigational elements as per the client’s requirement.

Translating needs of clients and users into concepts.

Up to date with HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.

Compelling user Interface

Create a prototype of the website from the wireframe or the user requirements.

Extensive knowledge of graphic design and website design principles

Aligns the interface with a brand's colors, fonts and their identity

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