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Website Design Price Starting From Rs. 4000 in Nepal | See Now


03, 2019

Website Design Price Starting From Rs. 4000 in Nepal | See Now

You must be wondering what may be the cost of Website design and Website development in Nepal especially the business owners and those who wants to bring their business in digital world. There are hundreds and thousands of cost variations you will find when you ask for the quotations from the web design company.

Over the past years, Nepal has taken a great step in digital world. Hundreds of website is being made each day and the number is skyrocketing. Almost 60 percent of Nepalese have access to the internet, with over 95 percent accessing it through mobile phones. There is no doubt that there has been subsequent increase in the use of social media over the past years.


As of May 2017, there is more than 56K website in Nepal, out of which 40K are commercial websites (export.gov). The number is quite high in 2019.


So anyone who wants to flourish their business online then Website design comes in first priority. Website design cost varies with the types of website to be developed. The cost also depends upon quality of website you are going to get from these vendors and you have to choose the vendor which is providing the best web designing services. Web designer and developer in Nepal use HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap for frontend design and PHP (Laravel) for backend development. However, over the years, people are also using Django, React and Ruby on Rails for website design and development.

The website design in Nepal is categorized by static, dynamic, E-Commerce sites, Wordpress sites. Here is the list of average price ofof website design and development in Nepal as of 2019.

The pricing may differ from different web Design Company. Custom website design may cost over 30K in Nepalese rupees as per the client’s requirement. One should go for the quality of service provided by the Website design company rather than the pricing. Quality, timely managed projects and meeting up with client’s requirement makes a website design company trustworthy and can expect to get best results. All the above mentioned results are the average cost from the different web design company from Nepal.

For more information, you could visit the sites and send the quotation for pricing. Softbenz Infosys Pvt.Ltd provides best website design services at affordable prices with timely results. They are the best web development company in Nepal that also oversees the web hosting as well as SEO in Nepal.